Products We Install


We supply and install both traditional carpet and contract carpet/carpet tiles. With an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures, carpet is both a practical and visually pleasing option for projects where aesthetics and luxury are critical. Carpet is perfect for conserving energy due to it’s thermal insulation properties, whilst also being the best option for noise reduction as well as alleviating injuries from slips and falls due to it’s soft attributes.

Traditional carpet is thick and soft adding an extra layer of luxury and comfort, whereas contract carpet/carpet tiles has a higher stitch count meaning it can take the weight of a higher footfall and has a longer lifespan in comparison to traditional carpet.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs)

LVTs are a high-quality flooring designed to replicate the look of wood, stone or ceramic tiles whilst offering practical advantages over natural materials. LVTs are durable and far more resilient to damage compared to natural wood or stone. They are best suited to a broad range of locations, including offices, healthcare settings, residential, leisure and busy retail environments, as well as areas likely to encounter moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. LVTs are also designed to endure warm environments with negligible expansion, making them an ideal product to be laid on top of underfloor heating systems.

Wood Floors

We supply and fit new wood flooring, in addition to having capabilities to sand, seal and refurbish existing hardwood floors. We are also able to supply and install all types of engineered timber, laminates, solid woods, sports and sprung floors, which are a great alternative to natural wood, offering a hard-wearing, durable finish without conceding on aesthetics.  

Vinyls including Safety Vinyl

We supply and install all types of safety floors, integral coved skirtings and associated works. Safety vinyl is widely used across hospitals, schools, care homes, bathrooms, wet rooms/changing room facilities etc. It’s durability and slip-resistance means it is perfect for environments where safety is a priority. It is also very easy to clean and is a simple and cost-effective solution for many projects.


More commonly referred to as lino, linoleum offers a low-maintenance alternative to vinyl, is easy to clean, and minimises the appearance of damage. It is most commonly used in hospitals, schools and other public buildings in common areas, circulation areas, classrooms and halls.

Dance/Sports Floors

Sports floors offer maximum levels of technical performance, safety and quality for users. We have manufacturer trained installers who have the expertise to fit these floors, in addition to any sports hall/court markings.


Perceived by designers as a greater alternative to vinyls, rubber is often specified in public buildings such as town halls, libraries, schools and hospitals. Heavy 9mm thick rubber tiles can also be used in skating rinks and heavy weight areas within fitness centres etc.

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Hygienic wall cladding is an alternative to ceramic tiles, offering a hygienic and easily-maintained option, suitable for environments where cleanliness is vital.

Nosings, Edgings and Trims

We can select and install all types of floor nosings, edgings and trims to suit all locations.

Entrance Matting

We have manufacturer trained installers and can supply and install all types of barrier and entrance matting systems, helping to reduce risk of slips, whilst also protecting internal flooring by considerably diminishing the amount of dirt and debris carried into the property.

Resin & Paint Systems

We are able to carry out proprietary paint & resin installations for a seamless finish.

Preparation Work

Before any project begins, we will ensure that all flooring preparation work is complete. We have extensive experience in removal, grinding, shotblasting, installing surface DPMs, priming floors, as well as smoothing and levelling surfaces.

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